Guided ascent of Mt Aspiring

Given the weather at the start of this year, we cannot boast of any big achievements until now. The wild winds, snow and rain in the back country meant that for the latest window, the highest local peak, Mt Aspiring-Tititea, was a busy place during the last couple of days. This is what Mount Aspiring looked like yesterday morning:

Climbing Mt Aspiring with a guided

Guided ascent of Mt Aspiring

Ready to fly on Thursday morning, the team got a ride with Aspiring Helicopters to Bevan Col and made their way across to Colin Todd hut. A 4.30 am start the next morning and several hours later saw them on the summit. Clouds cleared, it was cold and windy but good conditions for the guided climb up the Northwest ridge. A bonus was an organised flight back at the end of the day and as the next front was forecast, the team did not hesitate to jump on the helicopter. A fast and happy adventure and here a couple more photos:

Hut for guided ascent of Mt Aspiring

Base to climb Mt Aspiring: Colin Todd hut

Guided climb of Mt Aspiring

Climber on Mt Aspiring Northwest ridge

Southern Alps, Mt Aspiring

Descending Mt Aspiring-Tititea, 3033 m