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Join me, for a spectacular guided mountaineering experience based in Switzerland, the heart of Alpinism…

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July and August each year, we enjoy the finest climbing in the Alps of Europe, based in Leysin, Switzerland. Leysin is centrally located and a perfect start to many great climbing options.

My alpine climbing experience and knowledge of the Swiss, Italian and French Alps (since 1997) maximizes YOUR guided climbing adventure in this magnificent mountain region of the world. I can offer you a variety of fantastic climbing options  to match your experience, skills, ambitions and the weather and conditions. Be it on snowy classics or exposed granite ridges, from the Swiss Bernese Oberland with Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau to the Mont Blanc range in France and the Gran Paradiso in Italy, the climbing playground is huge and fabulous. It can  however be busy, especially if your valley access is  via a lift or you go to something famous. I know many out of the way places that offer superb climbing and mountaineering where the masses arn’t….

How to organize your Guided Climbing Trip in Europe

On your own or with a climbing buddy, we offer week long trips on classic easy and moderate peaks on a 1:2 ratio and more demanding mountaineering on a 1:1 ratio. If you plan a guided climbing trip in Europe, if possible contact us early to book your week. We offer a selection of itineraries to choose from according to weather and conditions and will assist you to put together a memorable climbing adventure.

Talk to us about guided alpine climbing or a mountaineering instruction course that is most suited to you, it can be a tailor made week with a mix of instruction and climbing.

We offer top quality guided mountain climbing experiences and look forward to helping you achieve your dream of  a quality and  comfortable climbing and mountaineering trip based out of Switzerland.

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