Wanaka in October

From beautiful Spring days to more stormy cold fronts. Driftwood, pine cones and dry fire wood as well as newly insolated wall and roof, we can’t complain. Ski touring for a week will keep Gaz busy shortly while Wanaka gears up for another Wanakafest this month. Already there is mention of the next Challenge competition and the Festival of Colour. Today there even was a compost seminar offered. Definitely never boring here! so, see you soon?

Sustainability, ecological - progress at the Alpinism & Ski base

wool bats, pink bats, different prices, same goal

it is so much warmer already

chief guide Gaz assisted by Cam, the Alpinism & Ski base improvements are never ending...

Treble Cone Wanaka New Zealand,

Iris' playground while renovations at home are happening