Avalanche course, winter mountaineering, ski touring in NZ

Just a few lucky avalanche shots while on a trekking adventure over Ball Pass last summer in New Zealand

Alpinism photography

Caroline face, Mt Cook Aoraki NZ, Dec 2010

alpinism experiences in NZ

Avalanche course anybody?

summer avalanche lucky shot

Close up avalanche action in the middle of the climbing season

Gary is guiding a father-son team for ISM in the beautiful alpine play area of Trient glacier, Orny hut – a fabulous play ground for mountaineers and climbers, along the Swiss-French border ridge lines. It’s raining in Leysin, easy to get our minds into move-on mode and therefore ski touring, avalanche courses and winter mountaineering in New Zealand… but, before then, the Alpinism & Ski team is taking a break:

the global office is officially closed – between 23 August and 7th September

as Gaz and Iris will be gone on their private adventure

So, if you’d like to inquire or book your special dream trip, just do it before then 🙂

Alpinism & Culture

Climbing in Swiss Alps: Alpinism and Culture, ibex sculpture at the Orny hut,