Guided alpine climbing in New Zealand

Mountain guiding in NZ

Simon with Mt Cook behind him, note the two climbers on the left

Experienced mountaineer Simon from the UK decided to add New Zealand’s highest to his ‘collection’ of summits around the world. His wife and him had this to say about their week here and the guided alpine climbing ascents trip to Aoraki-Mt Cook:

“Thank you Iris for making my stay so welcoming and showing me around your paradise. Great food, company and lovely Ziggy walks. Fantastic scenery. Thanks to Gary for taking Simon to the ‘top’ and bring him back safely. Merry Christmas – lots of love”. Jacki, and: “so lovely to have met you, having lovely people like you in the world makes life so rich.”

“Thanks for all your hospitality and to Gary for arranging perfect summit day weather and getting me up and down safely and even bringing me breakfast in bed the morning of the climb”, Simon

From us: it was awesome to meet such a wonderful, adventurous couple and share such precious times together!