Mountaineering instruction courses in New Zealand

use of ice screws

learn some tricks while on a specialized training course

How to stay safe in the mountains is part of the skills practiced on an instruction course, be it for winter mountaineering or summer alpine climbing. Avalanches happen during the whole year, so knowing the basics about safety is part of the game. We have two scheduled trips on the program and free spaces available for each: October ski touring/snow boarding, the other an intermediate mountaineering course, Total Alpinism. Search and Rescue training is also one of Gary Dickson’s specialties and here some photos from special training session last autumn with part of the local Wanaka SAR team on the Fox glacier, based at Chancellor hut:

special alpine training

Training session on Fox glacier

Special training in the mountains

Practicing safe travel on snow and ice

Mountaineering skills training

Enjoying a moment looking at Fox Glacier

Special training in the Alps

Rock climbing skills, safe belays and anchors

Alpine climbing

From snow and ice to rock climbing

Alpine hut in NZ

The inside of the charming and historic Chancellor hut