Private mountain guiding

Late November, local woman Jackie went off with Alpinism and Ski Mountain Guide Callum into the Aspiring climbing region for a private mountain guiding adventure. They got in and did a warm up climb of Rolling Pin, before the next day making an attempt to climb Mt Aspiring. In was an extremely windy and cold day and wisely they turned back at an appropriate spot on the NW ridge around 2/3 the way up the mountain. As a testament to Jackies fitness and preparation, the next day they walked all the way out to the Raspberry creek carpark and a well earned shower and feed in Wanaka. A great experience was had by Jackie. Mt Aspiring summit will always be there for a less windy day.  Nice work team 🙂

Part of private mountain guiding adventures - walking out thru the sub alpine

Jackie climbing on the biggest mountain on her back doorstep

Mountain guide Callum and Jackie - the climbing team for a crack at some private mountain guiding in their back yard - Mt Aspiring