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Drying your ski touring gear in the afternoon sun, mulled wine watching the sun go down......

Join the Alpinism & Ski team once again for the September /October NZ ski touring season.  Gary and Iris have bought new skis, skins, the latest fritschi eagle binding with their cool new ski crampon system and even new poles!  Last they had new gear was 10 years ago so what a treat.  G3 Spitfire skis for Gaz and BD Velvet skis for Iris. Wide under the foot, maximum fun..  Give your self a treat too and grab your gear and go back country.  As almost always happens, the storms are coming through now and set up the snow pack brilliantly for the Sept/October time.  Maximum snow, strong snow bridges, more stable snow pack,  warm afternoons, spring corn on the sunny aspects, winter snow on the shade…….hmmmmm, yehaa…..