Alpinism Adventure

Alpinism adventures in Fiordland

Views over Fiordland National Park, with Tutoko in the back ground on the left

Beginning of the week the weather was just perfect for a little excursion to Fiordland. Iris with mate Rene from Queenstown hit the road down South and stayed a night at Homer hut. Next morning with brilliant sunshine, we climbed up to Homer Saddle. The valleys on the Milford side of Homer tunnel were clagged with fog, a spectacular view. We climbed Macpherson and then crossed the glacier towards Mt Talbot. The Talbot ladder turned out to be a rock wall with no ladder – Iris expected to see some via ferrata set up like in Europe. The scramble over to the other side did not take too long and more amazing views awaited us. Gertrud Saddle with the beautiful small lakes was below and as the fog seemed to kreep up we kept going to avoid having trouble to find the track leading down to Homer hut. A seven hour round trip later we were pretty pleased and hit the road back home.