Wanaka, sustainability and Alpinism & Ski

This community has an amazing spirit and good things happen. During the 10 years of Alpinism & Ski existence – end of March 2010 we’ll celebrate – loads of progress was made in Wanaka to become more aware about being environment friendly and sustainable. One place you can find out more is www.sustainablewanaka.co.nz

Apart from being sustainably orientated and offering eco tours, we can boast with some of the things we have achieved:

  • diversifying electricity, gas for cooking and solar power for hot water, improving our base with double glazing, insulation and of course use eco bulbs and turn off what we can
  • planted native trees and bushes on our property
  • collected rubbish all around the place (still hate all the broken glass around)
  • have an organic garden

more soon…