Mountaineering Instruction Courses in New Zealand

It is never too late to learn the tricks for safe Alpinism practices – and it’s never to early to get organized for a mountaineering course. Therefore, we have fixed the dates for:

the first 2013 scheduled Total Alpinism 7 day instruction course

from Sunday 6th – Saturday 12th January 2013

learn/improve your technical mountaineering skills, gain the necessary knowledge for safe rock and ice climbing. Simply book by email and/or get in touch with any questions.

Course Objectives

  • ice climbing, alpine rock climbing
  • anchor selection, placement and set up
  • intermediate-advanced crampon technique
  • equipment selection
  • route planning and mountain weather
  • glacier travel
  • crevasse rescue – mechanical advantage systems
  • rock rescue
  • rope handling, abseiling, belaying, knots
  • climbing roped up – moving together on runners/ridge travel
  • avalanche awareness