Tasman Saddle mountaineering course

IFMGA Mountain Guide, Gaz has just returned from a 7 day Mountaineering course with Peter and Kristiina from Finland who wanted to learn and practice in particular, traveling on glaciers, glacier travel rope work and  techniques, crevasse rescue and avalanche conditions knowledge.

Conditions for traveling around the NZ glaciers this season is fantastic due to snowfalls during the spring and the neve is very well filled in.

Crevasse rescue practice on mountaineering course, NZ

Practicing pitching on Mt Aylmer

Fantastic conditions on the Tasman glacier neve


Private mountaineering instruction

Late March saw Mountain guide Gary and two German lads ( who have been working on a local region  vineyard ) head into Tasman  Saddle for a week for a private mountaineering instruction course.  Although the glacier was heavily crevassed, which is to be expected at this time of the year, conditions were especially good for learning cramponing technique and glacier travel.

private instruction course hut lifeice climbing on a private instruction mountaineering course

alpine climbing instruction course

Mountaineering instruction courses in New Zealand

instruction courses for mountaineering

Taking care of food in wild conditions

learn how to survive in the mountains

Building a snow cave for shelter in the mountains

Alpine skills instruction

Inside the snow cave, a cozy home

Alpine skills include glacier travels

Glacier travel, part of an instruction course

learn how to get out of a crevasse

Technical skills for mountaineering

Alpine skills training

Learn how to get out of a crevasse

Wildlife in New Zealand

A juvenile Kea observing mountaineers

Alpinism - rock climbing

Rock climbing part of a training course


The Southern Alps provide an incredible play ground for learning and improving alpine skills. Here a selection of photos on a variety of mountaineering instruction courses in NZ. We have February and March available for your very own alpine adventures combined with instruction. Alpine skills training includes not only climbing techniques and crevasse rescue, but also building a shelter and taking care of food in the mountains.



Climbing in Europe, mountaineering instruction

Another rainy start to the week in Leysin but as per this weather link the forcast is not too bad for the next couple of days. Gaz and his ISM team went from rock climbing in St Triphon to Orny hut in the heavy downpours. This was followed by an absolutely stunning day yesterday, climbing Tête Blanche and Petite Fourche. Today, they relocated to Arolla via another rock climbing and/or rope and knot work session at Dorénaz with more rain, a real mixed bag of xxx

Mountaineering instruction courses in New Zealand

Alpine climbing instruction course in NZ

Mic, Monty and Pat high up on the Fox Glacier, New Zealand


A few months ago, we heard from Mic who had climbed Mt Cook as well as Mt Tasman with Gaz some years ago. He was keen to introduce his son Pat to Alpinism adventures and last month, together with his longtime mountaineering buddy Monty, the threesome arrived for a seven day mountaineering instruction course. At the base, this was the opportunity to finalize the latest Adventure Tourism auditing request and then our team hit the road to Fox Glacier; photos on the last blog but here now the feedback:

from Monty, after his fourth trip:

” Thank you very much again for a wonderful and friendly experience. I always come away from climbing trips with ‘Gaz’ with more confidence and desire for more mountain excursions. I know Mick and I will be planning our next trip as soon as we get back home. Gaz, your patient tutorial towards Pat in getting him to understand the complexity of climbing and how he can still enjoy it was most beneficial & assuring. A great mentor.

Iris, your hospitality as always was warm and generous. Till next time, Monty”

Thanks Monty, we look forward to it!


Total Alpinism – mountaineering course in New Zealand

Ever been interested in an alpine climbing instruction course in New Zealand? learn, refresh and upgrade your skills with this:

  • Total Alpinism technical mountaineering instruction
  • Dates : 6th – 12th January 2013
  • price NZ $ 2830 per person
  • There are 3 spots left  on this course, max. 4 participants

This will be our one and only scheduled course summer season 2012-13 for individuals keen to share cost and adventure. Get in touch now for more information.

Top instructor Gary Dickson in person will run this course, be prepared to get challenged in the Southern Alps. Good fitness level and some previous climbing experience is expected as this is more for intermediate mountaineers then total beginners.

Mountaineering Instruction Courses in New Zealand

It is never too late to learn the tricks for safe Alpinism practices – and it’s never to early to get organized for a mountaineering course. Therefore, we have fixed the dates for:

the first 2013 scheduled Total Alpinism 7 day instruction course

from Sunday 6th – Saturday 12th January 2013

learn/improve your technical mountaineering skills, gain the necessary knowledge for safe rock and ice climbing. Simply book by email and/or get in touch with any questions.

Course Objectives

  • ice climbing, alpine rock climbing
  • anchor selection, placement and set up
  • intermediate-advanced crampon technique
  • equipment selection
  • route planning and mountain weather
  • glacier travel
  • crevasse rescue – mechanical advantage systems
  • rock rescue
  • rope handling, abseiling, belaying, knots
  • climbing roped up – moving together on runners/ridge travel
  • avalanche awareness

Instruction courses for mountaineering / climbing 20-25th Feb 2012

As a private mountaineering instruction course is starting, the countdown for the

Intro to Alpinism 20-25th Feb. $ 2426 pp

booking deadline is approaching. This is the last week to reserve a spot in this summer’s scheduled beginners alpine climbing course. Learn with a qualified mountain guide how to have a lot of fun safely in the mountains:

Alpine Climbing instruction course NZ

Technical Mountaineering Skills for all your Alpinism Adventures

send an email for further details, the sooner the better and the latest by 3rd of Feb.

Sign on before the 3rd and your ‘home stay night in the climber’s bunk room’ at the Alpinism & Ski base is free of charge for the night before the course