Mountaineering instruction courses in New Zealand

instruction courses for mountaineering

Taking care of food in wild conditions

learn how to survive in the mountains

Building a snow cave for shelter in the mountains

Alpine skills instruction

Inside the snow cave, a cozy home

Alpine skills include glacier travels

Glacier travel, part of an instruction course

learn how to get out of a crevasse

Technical skills for mountaineering

Alpine skills training

Learn how to get out of a crevasse

Wildlife in New Zealand

A juvenile Kea observing mountaineers

Alpinism - rock climbing

Rock climbing part of a training course


The Southern Alps provide an incredible play ground for learning and improving alpine skills. Here a selection of photos on a variety of mountaineering instruction courses in NZ. We have February and March available for your very own alpine adventures combined with instruction. Alpine skills training includes not only climbing techniques and crevasse rescue, but also building a shelter and taking care of food in the mountains.