Backcountry ski touring in NZ now happening

Climbing in Europe is behind us for another year and one of the last weeks there, mountain guide Gaz was out with friend and colleague Steve Jones on the Matterhorn, part of a team on a filmed documentary climb. Here, pictures of a helicopter near the famous peak and hut and Jamie training for his special summit, with camera man Keith, the Trient glacier providing the perfect background, (photos are by Brian Hall, prof. IFMGA mountain guide).

mountaineering, a passion for life

Jamie filmed by Keith with the Trient glacier in the back ground

on a guided climb of the Matterhorn

action flying near the famous peak

guided climb of Matterhorn

Helicopter action near the Matterhorn

Ski touring conditions are good after the recent wild storms on the South Island and plenty of snow fall in the back country of the Southern Alps. Excellent for the New Zealand ski touring missions during the next couple of months. Barely over jet lag, but we had to take the opportunity with blue skies and a fresh covering of white gold to put on ski touring gear for a bit of back country fun. The last week has been fabulous and there was more action on the ski field for Iris while Gary is teaching rope rescue techniques. Get in touch for a ski touring adventure just for you and your team.