Mountaineering course

IFMGA Mountain guide Gary Dickson is just back from running a 7 day Alpine skills mountaineering course for Alpine Guides Aoraki . Tricky weather, but lots of learning of skills and now the 4 participants are ready to head out and apply those mountaineering skills to various mountain adventures….

Ice tool placement on alpine mountaineering skills course
crampon foot placement on alpine mountaineering skills course
two tooling on Alpine mountaineering skills course
Doin it – alpine mountaineering skills course, Mt Cook, NZ

Mountaineering course

IFMGA mountain guides Gaz and Pablo have just completed a 7 day Alpine guides Aoraki, Alpine Skills course with 6 participants. Great weather and excellent conditions at the head of the Tasman Glacier, a great venue for covering the multitude of mountaineering skills for climbing in NZ and the world.

Ascending the North east ridge of Hochstetter dome.
Ice climbing on the Darwin Icefall

mountaineering crevasse rescue course

Mountain guide Gary is just back from the Mt Cook region where he instructed a 4 day crevasse rescue course for Alpine Guides.

This was based at Plateau hut, a fantastic venue for this with perfect crevasse terrain right beside the hut and spectacular views of Mt Cook, Silberhorn, Tasman, Lendenfeld, Dixon.

A wee climb on to Glacier Dome gave awesome 360 degree views of glaciers, moraine walls, terminal lakes, firn zones, neves, bergshrunds etc for the participants on the mountaineering skills course.

Prussiking out of a crevasse on the mountaineering course

Participants roping up for glacier travel

Rope rescue systems training

Tasman Saddle mountaineering course

IFMGA Mountain Guide, Gaz has just returned from a 7 day Mountaineering course with Peter and Kristiina from Finland who wanted to learn and practice in particular, traveling on glaciers, glacier travel rope work and  techniques, crevasse rescue and avalanche conditions knowledge.

Conditions for traveling around the NZ glaciers this season is fantastic due to snowfalls during the spring and the neve is very well filled in.

Crevasse rescue practice on mountaineering course, NZ

Practicing pitching on Mt Aylmer

Fantastic conditions on the Tasman glacier neve


Mountaineering West Coast

What an awesome sunset – what to experience on your West Coast of NZ mountaineering trip

8 day mountaineering trip – destination, West Coast of the NZ Southern Alps. Base, Pioneer Hut 2400m.  Lots of glacier, snow and ice.

Great weather and Primo conditions were had by Mountain  Guide Gary and Australian mountaineers Fernando and Jamie.

Summit of Grey Peak, Main divide, Southern Alps

Descending to Chancellor hut, Fox Glacier

Outside Pioneer Hut, ready to go classic west coast mountaineering

Mount Aspiring ascent

Mt Aspiring NW ridge

Mt Aspiring NW ridge

On the 11th of December Mountain guide Gary Dickson and kiwi client John flew into  Bevan col looking for a reasonable break in the current weather for a Mount Aspiring ascent attempt.  Unfortunately the weather gods did not play ball and the two mountaineers walked over to Bevan col 4 days later in ‘interesting’ navigation conditions and  later flew out to Wanaka.  Even though it was a dissappointing trip not to have summited, it was a good trip into the hills with plenty of good hut comraderie, photo opportunities and technical skills updated for John.

Comming up in January, return Alpinism and Ski client Anthony will be jetting in from HongKong for a week of ascent action with Gaz.


In late November/early December, Mountain Guide gaz worked up at Mt Cook instructing on a technical mountaineering course/intermediate mountaineering course.