Ski Touring in New Zealand

back country ski touring in NZ

Ski touring from Murcheson hut, see the rock avalanche on the left

As we are packing up for a couple of months of summer mountaineering in Europe, ski touring and back country snow boarding adventurers in the Southern Alps are getting ready for the 2013 season and most likely some hardy souls are at it already.

Ourselves will be ready for it, Ski Touring in New Zealand that is, from 10th September onwards. However, if you want our help before then for putting together your dream trip in the Southern Alps, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Fixing dates is always a good start.

More photos of this particular ski touring adventure :

Alpine hut in New Zealand

Ski touring : upon arrival, some snow shoveling to get into the hut

guided ski touring in nz

ski touring in the Southern Alps

guided ski tour in nz

Fantastic views over the Southern Alps on NZ while on a ski tour lunch break

backcountry ski touring in NZ

Team players: Geoff, John, Phil and Bill & mountain guide Gary Dickson

back country hut for ski touring in NZ

Sking back down to Murcheson hut

guided ski touring in nz

escaping the avalanche, no, but lucky they did not have to