Spring ski touring

End of the ski field season but the perfect time for alpine ski touring on the high glacier terrain of the Tasman Glacier.

Bernie, Pete and Duncan from Auckland came on down for the classic Southern alps ski touring trip.

The lads enjoyed a tour to straddle the main divide, checked out some ice serac formations and a 10km ski down the Tasman glacier on 10 cm of fresh POW …….

Kelman Hut @ 2400m at the top of the Tasman Glacier

Ski Touring in New Zealand’s Southern Alps

ski touring with a mountain guide

Glorious moments while ski touring

Mid way through August and just a couple of weeks left for climbing in Europe before the Alpinism & Ski team is heading back to New Zealand for ski touring adventures in the Southern Alps. We have heard that not too much of the white gold has been accumulating over the last few weeks but don’t despair. It is very common – at least during the last few years – that snow is arriving with our return. Keep up the fitness sessions to get out and play in the glorious Wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island. We do have mountain guides available for end of September as well as all Continue reading